Music is Beautiful, Even if You Have a Migraine? Is That Possible?

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Migraine, Uncategorized
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Music is beautiful, even with a migraine. At least, it is for me. And, even very loud music can be helpful for my pain. But it has to be the right music. I used to be afraid to tell people about this, because I wasn’t sure that they would understand. It’s hard for non-migraineurs to get the migraine experience, anyway. Trying to explain that you can be in a great deal of pain and still like to blast rock music may be a concept others aren’t quite ready to embrace. Surprisingly, though, when I shared this secret with others like me, I found that many of them knew exactly how music made me feel, because it did the same for them.

If I am in extreme pain, I’m not a masochist; I’m not playing anything. if I’m in that kind of pain, I may be in the emergency room. If I’m in very high pain, it sometimes helps for me to listen to light classical music, because it helps me to relax and quiets me. If I’m in high to moderate pain, though, I can often listen to almost whatever I want. I particularly love rock that is deep in guitar sounds. But if I get carried away and start jamming to Hip-Hop, or anything with too much bass or loud drums, I may as well kiss my brain goodbye. Something about those frequencies causes a resonance in my skull. I can almost feel it vibrating all of the bones in my head. And the pain escalates, rapidly.

But without my music, how empty would my life be? Music is everything to me. I was once asked if, given the choice, I would rather choose between losing my sight or my hearing. Without hesitation, I said I’d rather lose my sight than my hearing. I can’t imagine never hearing another blues song. The thought of never feeling goosebumps at the sound of a beautiful vocal solo is incomprehensible to me. No, I don’t care how much pain I’m in. If I can hack it at all, I’m playing my tunes.


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