I’ve avoided chiropractors for more than a decade, out of fear. I keep hearing that they’re so great, and that a good one with mastery of his craft could potentially relieve me of the intense pain in which I live. I very nearly caved to the pressure to visit a back-cracker several years ago, when I lived in the area of a chiropractic college. Just when I was ready to make the call for an appointment, I read in the newspaper that a man in a town in the next state had been face-down on a chiropractor’s table when he felt, and heard, a painful crack in his neck. The poor soul had gone for pain relief, and ended up with a broken neck. Surely you can guess this shut down my willingness to try chiropractic – on any level whatsoever.

In the intervening years, though, my migraine disease has progressed to a level I could never have predicted. I had no idea back then that it was possible for people to experience migraine pain, like that old Cheech and Chong bit goes, “24 hours a day, no cover charge any time!” Of course, that’s a lot funnier if you read that in Cheech’s accent. But that is how my pain is. And meds haven’t worked. No meds. Preventatives, abortives, nothing. So, out of a desperation to help me in some way, my husband called one the other day and made an appointment for me in secret. Mr ReloVertigo is like that. He knows me better than I do, and gets that, if he wants me to do certain things, he will have to force me to do them in a way that makes me feel I have no other option. Now, this would seem to put The Husband in a bad light but I can assure you, Friendly Reader, that I have been known to be more than a little obstinate at times. The poor Mr has become a trickster extraordinaire by necessity.

Today, I went to my first chiropractor adjustment. Well, that sounds like I adjusted the chiropractor. Actually it was an appointment where he adjusted the placement of various vertebrae in my spine. Willingly, while not exactly on solid footing, I entered the exam room and after the obligatory discussion, lay on the table face-down. All was well with the pelvis popping (yes, they pop the pelvis), and the back popping, and no, these aren’t industry-specific terms. But when it was time to lie on my back and work on my neck, I tensed up. I was nervous and didn’t realize it. I hadn’t even felt my neck and shoulders tense until the chiropractor pointed out that it would be easier to move my head if I weren’t so stiff. He was kind enough to slowly demonstrate the motion he would be making to adjust my neck once I relaxed, so I wouldn’t be taken by surprise. Thanks, doc. I still couldn’t relax. Finally, I had to just close my eyes and pray. Not because I was so scared, though I was certainly afraid my neck was about to be snapped in half, but because I thought the only way for me to loosen up and distract myself was to concentrate on something else.

As I felt him slowly move my head around and around, up and down, side to side, gently stretching my neck, I was praying, “Hail Mary, full of grace…” And right about the time I got to, “…Jesus,” CRACK-CRACK-CRACK went my neck as he jerked my head clockwise and upward at what felt like the speed of light. Mr ReloVertigo has nothing on Dr Chiro’s sneaky expertise, let me tell you. As I cracked, I let out a tiny shriek. And was so embarrassed, I then laughed. Sensing that my neck was not, in fact broken, and that my head had not actually come off as expected, I was quite relieved. Joyful may be a better description. The doctor confirmed that I had not been injured but only surprised by the sneak attack, and repeated the maneuver in the opposite direction just as surreptitiously, and again I embarrassed myself with a loud and unnecessary noise.

When he was finished, I couldn’t believe how much better my neck felt. I know I will be sore tomorrow from the deep massage and the new placement of these vertebrae that were moved, but I finally have hope that maybe this person can help me. I try not to get my hopes too high, but hey – the bar was pretty freaking low – I expected him to paralyze me for life. And he didnt! It’s all uphill from here!

I’d like those of you who don’t know about chiropractic to be less afraid of it than I was. Please, check out this video.

This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt

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