Image by ReloVertigo 2010

Image by ReloVertigo 2010

Red being my favorite color, orange may seem a strange choice to describe myself, or to call my hue. Having been told countless times, however, that I’m an awfully intense person, and that I may be a bit harsh at first, not given a chance to grow on a person, I think orange is perfect for me. Brash and brazen, it nearly slaps you in the face with its brightness. Not for everyone, neutral it certainly is not. Orange has few other hues with which it plays pleasantly. But those others may surprise you. Try purple, for example. Now that’s an unsettling union. And describes my marriage with Mr. ReloVertigo quite well. At first glance, one may think, “Oh, dear Lord, what are they thinking?” But bring us close together and watch us work, and then one will say, “Ah, there’s the beauty in the pairing.”

Yes, orange. Bold, blatant, befitting.

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge


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