Super Powers Activated

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Health, Humor, Migraine, Uncategorized
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Image by OpenClips via Pixabay

Image by OpenClips via Pixabay

I’ve decided I have a superpower. Stupor Woman struck again. Having left home for a doctor’s appointment, I figured as long as I was already out, I would take my car for a wash. When I was all the way through the wash and the towel guy was at my window, I tried to tip the guy. But when I went to open my window, it wouldn’t open. I pushed the button over and over. I tried the back window. Then I tried the windows on the other side. I tried locking and unlocking the windows, then pushing the buttons again. Suddenly frantic to get my window open, I finally just opened my door and handed the guy the money. Then, trying to pull away, I couldn’t. Because my car wasn’t running. IT WASNT RUNNING! My Windows can’t operate if the car’s not on. DUH.

Somewhat embarrassed, I stop at McD’s on the way home from the car wash, for lunch. As part of my order, I buy a large Diet Coke. Just before they hand me the drink through the window, I realize that sitting next to me in the cup holder is A BRAND NEW LARGE DIET COKE! I had just bought it right before I went to the car wash, so I would have change for the tip! I hadn’t even had a sip out of it yet! What would I do with two large drinks? What is wrong with me? Am I brain damaged?

Migraine brain fog, people. Usually it stays locked up in my home. Today, it went on tour.


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