The Golden Hour?

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Health, Humor, Photography, Uncategorized
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The Daily Prompt suggests today that 6:00 AM is the Golden Hour. The medical community considers the golden hour to be the time immediately following a traumatic injury, during which there is the highest likelihood of survival due to medical intervention. In photography, it’s the first hour and last hour of the day with sunlight. And then, there are books, movies, and musicals of that name.

I get the medical reference. But as for all the rest, I beg to differ. Even if the sun is up in the summer at 6:00 AM, there’s nothing golden about it for me. And the rest of the year, it’s closer to night at that time of day. At least, it is in my part of the country. I’m not even good at waking at a normal hour. The Husband is a morning person, and I’m a night owl. It was quite a shock for him when we first moved in together, for him to wake up the happiest man on earth, and for me not to wake up at all. Not willingly. He would playfully make waves in our waterbed to coax me up. BZZZT! Wrong answer! The poor Mr had no idea there could be such a personality that didn’t believe in morning. Whereas, I was downright angry that any human being could have the audacity to wake up so early and look so ridiculously cheerful about it. And then try to drag me into it, on top of that!

Mother and Daddy ReloVertigo like to tell stories about me when I was a wee child, and how my bad morning attitude has always been a part of my wonderful personality. They also claim that I was never a good waker-upper, and that even when I would wake up from an afternoon nap as a toddler, they would fear my return to the living room. To this day, they laugh at themselves, upon hearing me waking up and coming down the hall.

“Oh no, here she comes! Don’t look at her!”

I would then toddle in with a scowl on my face, climb onto the couch, and apparently wait for someone to look at me. Invariably, one of my parents would glance over to see if the coast was clear, and I would grouse, “Don’t look at me!” These stories induce groans from me and laughter from everyone else in my family.

So, you can imagine, if I can’t even manage to wake up from a nap without melting off the faces of the innocent, there is no way I’m waking at the crack of death, unless I’m going on a fun trip. And, truly, that’s the only way Mr ReloVertigo gets Yours Truly up and at ’em in the dark. Promises of a ride on an airplane. I do love to fly, but I love vacations most of all. Landing at some airport in another state, and anticipating what excitement you will encounter, what wonders you will discover…there’s your Golden Hour, right there.

Image by ReloVertigo 2013

Image by ReloVertigo 2013

This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt

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