After thinking about it and sleeping on it, I’ve decided to try the National Novel Writing Month challenge. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days sounds awfully challenging, indeed. That comes out to about 1,700 words per day. I’ve been told since I was a child that I talk too much. The whole reason I started this blog was that I was writing ridiculously long posts and comments on Facebook, so I finally realized I required a better, more creative verbal outlet not only for my sanity, but for the sanity of my friends and family. I don’t really have a problem coming up with the words. The real difficulty will be in making all of those words count. Anyone could blather on for a few hundred pages. I’ll need to fill those pages with words that together form a story that someone other than I would want to read, and maybe even enjoy. Sounds easy, though, doesn’t it?

If anyone has time to write, it’s probably me. Mr. ReloVertigo is blessed with a good income, so I don’t have to work (couldn’t anyway, with my chronic migraines). Junior ReloVertigo and his little family have managed to save up enough to move out and get their own place, so I’ll only have Baby ReloVertigo two days per week. Time is not an issue, unless the new relocation should occur during November. That would really throw a wrench into things for a week, at least. Planning would be essential. And here, Friendly Reader, is where we encounter a potential iceberg in my Titanic route. When I was a working professional, I was a planning, organizing, anal retentive extraordinaire. But since I’ve not been working outside the home and have been sidelined by this constant pain, I haven’t seriously planned much of anything. I have high hopes that the regular word count updates I’ll do on the NaNoWriMo web site will help to keep myself accountable and motivated.

So…Wish me well! I hope some of you will try this as well. It doesn’t matter if you actually make the whole 50,000 words. What matters is that you try. Just get started. We can make the journey together. I think it will be fun!

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