He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Family, Health, Humor, Marriage, Migraine, Uncategorized
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It seems everywhere I look today, men are being bashed by women. That’s not to say that a lot of those men haven’t earned the aggression and resentment thrown their way, because I’ve seen the evidence. They have. But I don’t hear enough love thrown toward men for the good they do for us. So, today I give a shout out to Mr. ReloVertigo for being a Righteous Dude. 

The Husband and I have almost nothing in common but our children. No lie. We don’t like the same music, movies, or hardly any of the same television shows. He has a mechanical mind, while mine is a bit more ethereal. He thinks I’m a ding-a-ling, while I believe he is too rigid. Stark contrasts work in our favor. Most of the time.

Who wants to spend eternity with someone who always says the same thing you are thinking? Who wants to live a life with someone who has so much in common with you that after a few years, you find yourself bored stiff? Not me. And, I think, not a lot of other people. When your spouse is always coming up with something different, outside the scope of your personal experience, you are always learning and growing. And so are they learning from you. It makes things exciting, and who would feel the urge to roam, when the one you love is so interesting and surprising?

Of course, it isn’t all rainbows and glitter in the sunshine. I’m kind of scatterbrained, and The Mr is King of Anal Retentive Documentation, so when I forget something, which is just about daily, I get the look. That one that says, “I knew it. I freaking knew it.” Except, Mr ReloVertigo’s mouth is dirtier than mine. So…  And then, picking a restaurant is a nightmare. Disciplining our children was difficult, and the Big One – money. Wow.

But we loved each other, so we kept working on it. And he deserves FAR more credit for that than I do. My man has the patience God gave Job. Seriously, sometimes I think on it, and realize that if the shoe were on the other foot, I can’t say I would be as good a human being as has been The Mr. He has stuck around not only through the tough times financially and emotionally, but through my current health crises. And that’s no small thing. There are many women like me with chronic migraine disease, whose husbands eventually just decide they’re not going to, or can’t, take it anymore, and leave. Just like that. But not The Mr.

He works very hard, and gives me the best life he can. Which, I have to say is better than I ever expected. Mr ReloVertigo was a great investment. And I’m not talking about money. He was a Righteous Dude from the start, and has only gotten better with time. We’ve been married 22 years now. By this time, he’s almost perfect! But don’t you dare tell him I said that.

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