Welcome to the Gun Show

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Family, Health, Humor, Marriage, Migraine, Uncategorized
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This allergic reaction I’ve been going through sure isn’t in a hurry to go anywhere. I am still itching, but not like I was. My hands aren’t looking like boiled sausages anymore, at least. But I have these weird roaming welts. I know, you’re saying, “Thank you for sharing these wonderful and interesting educational tidbits, ReloVertigo.” You’re welcome. I do what I can, Friendly Reader. Anything for the edification of the Interwebs.

I thought maybe my chronic migraines were cured, I had little pain during the worst of my itching and swelling. Yay, me. I lose pain, gain an addiction to itch creams and steroids. Read the name of this blog. But this morning, I woke up considerably less itchy, and able to make fists with both hands. Which is great, if a fight breaks out. Of course, I also woke up in serious migraine pain. Which means I won’t be going outside much. So…if a fight breaks out, it will be with Mr. Relovertigo. I don’t know. He’s been losing weight. Maybe I could take ‘im. But he’s also been lifting weights. His biceps have gotten huge. I know this, because he keeps inviting me to The Gun Show. And he also keeps bending down to my level and flexing one arm in my face. That’s my cue to squeeze and swoon. Or giggle. I think guys like the giggle combined with the bicep squeeze. Go figure. If The Mr starts squeezing any of my parts and giggling, somebody’s getting kicked.

Image by OpenClips via Pixabay

Image by OpenClips via Pixabay

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