As many times as we ReloVertigos have RELOcated, I thought I was a pro who was unshakable by now. It usually follows the same pattern.

  1. The Mr Accepts a new position
  2. He leaves the old one
  3. Our house is up for sale
  4. He begins the new position
  5. I make a house hunting trip in the new city
  6. We buy a house
  7. I wait a given amount of time
  8. I join The Mr, along with the movers, who are so incredibly enjoyable to experience, EVERY SINGLE TIME
  9. We settle in

Mr ReloVertigo officially accepted a new position last night, so the process is beginning again. I wanted out of here. He wanted out of here. He is ecstatic. I am freaking out. Why am I freaking out? This is what I wanted. His job is in the city we have been trying to get back to for years. This should be a joyous occasion. I should feel like skipping barefoot through a field of daisies. If going outdoors barefoot didn’t gross me out. And a field of daisies didn’t make my nose run. But you get my point.

Instead of the usual routine, it has gone like this:

  1. The Mr takes new position
  2. ReloVertigo freaks right the frack out
  3. The Mr stands there going, “What the hell?”

A bit more intense than I expected to feel. I don’t even understand why. Not a clue. Seriously, not one. And the fact that this itching is still with me, and that these hives keep migrating on me but never go completely away, gives me pause to wonder if they are sticking around due to nerves. Which is awesome, because this process has only begun, and that means that by the time this relocation is in high gear, I should either be one giant hive, or in a psych hospital. Excellent.

But have no fear, Friendly Reader. You will have a front row seat for every intense moment.

This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt

  1. ladymigraine says:

    Relo, I sympathize! We were trying to move all summer (my Mr was looking for a job) and I would have had to do a great deal by myself, as you’ve described. My headaches got worse and worse until we clearly couldn’t move for that reason alone, even if we hadn’t hit the financial roadblocks we did. I feel for you!

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