The Daily Prompt suggested that we find an uninteresting news item, and figure out how it is somehow connected to our own lives. I’ve been sick since last night, so was unable to think for myself, and thought I would try this. But when I checked the news, I saw a news item that couldn’t exactly be called uninteresting. The headline read, “Second NM lawsuit filed over body cavity searches.” Huh.

It seems some law enforcement official in southern New Mexico has been searching some body cavities unnecessarily, and illegally. One man was even strip searched right in a gas station parking lot. Now, I am sorry for any possible violation of rights, and I am sorry for any embarrassment on the part of anyone who was searched. But, what the frack?

Some cop shows up with a dog in a gas station parking lot, and says, “Take off all your clothes,” and you just do it? Forgive me for laughing. I would think the BS meter would be going off, in the red, full blast.

But then, another guy was taken to two different hospitals and forced to endure two anal probes, three enemas, two body x-rays, and a colonoscopy, all following a TRAFFIC STOP! One guy. All those procedures. Seriously? Why exactly hasn’t a medical professional referred this officer of the “law” to the nearest psych facility for treatment of this unnatural obsession?

While I can’t in any way relate this to my life directly, I can only say that discovering this injustice has definitely awakened me to a need for constant vigilance on my part, to safeguard all orifices from law enforcement, and be on alert at all times for any weirdo with a “drug dog.”

Holy crap. Be careful out there, Friendly Reader.

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