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Posted: November 10, 2013 in Family, Health, Marriage, Migraine, Travel
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Communication. One of the primary keys to a happy marriage. In the earlier years of the ReloVertigo marriage, we both worked very long hours, opposite shifts, and Mr ReloVertigo usually worked seven days per week. It was not unusual for us to go a week or two at a time without seeing one another, and to communicate strictly by notes left for one another on top of the television.
Sometimes important information fell through the cracks, both figuratively and literally. I’d bet the air vents in that old house still hold our lost daily missives, to this day. Not the easiest way to raise a family, to be sure, but we were doing our best to provide for our kids. I finally got wise to the money trap and quit my job, took a 50% pay cut, and went to a less demanding job. Boy, did that make a difference. I got to see the kids, I got to see The Mr, and we did some real, face-to-face communication. The whole family was much happier.

You would think that, after twenty-two years of marriage, we would be experts in marital communication. I would think so, too. But still, on occasion, there is a crossed wire or tin can with its string cut, and something is either terribly misunderstood or not passed on at all. Take, for example, this upcoming relocation. I’ve told you, Friendly Reader, how The Husband had accepted this new position and we would be movin’ on. That is what he told me. “I told them I’d take it,” he said. Mm-hm.

I found out last night that this was not exactly how things went. Either I completely misunderstood, or he only thought he gave me complete information. Because this relocation is not, in fact, a done deal yet. I was under the mistaken impression that we would be gone in about two weeks from now. Turns out we won’t be going anywhere until after the first of the year, unless something dramatic happens between now and then.

Not only do I feel like a complete moron, I look like one, too, for having publicly stated otherwise. Granted, you don’t know who I am in real life, but still. I feel like I lied to you. I’m sorry for that. We have moved a lot of times for his job. This is the first time this has ever happened. I think it’s kind of important to be clear with the wife on exactly what is happening. I think that this has been a stressful negotiation, and he is also working a very stressful job. Something just slipped his mind.

No wonder I still have hives.

  1. ladymigraine says:

    arrrrghhh! sort of relieved for you, sort of mad for you! i understand your frustration.

    • relovertigo says:

      Thanks. Yes. I am frustrated, and I am relieved at the same time. I want to move on, and I want to avoid the whole process. I would like to do like in the movies, where I climb into a pod, they put me to sleep, and wake me when it’s over.

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