I’ve never to my knowledge been officially diagnosed, but I know I have OCD. I am a germophobe that drives my family nuts about coming near me with a runny nose or sore throat, touching my plate or glass, all kinds of other offensive germy actions. Daughter Relovertigo’s kids will say, “Can I have a drink of your soda? I’m not sick. I haven’t been sick. I don’t feel like I’m getting sick.” Poor things. Crazy Nana ReloVertigo. I also count things. I caught myself counting stairs as I ascended them the other day. And when I hit the landing and began the next set of stairs, I was disturbed because I didn’t know if I should keep counting or start counting again. i know, nuts.

One aspect of my OCD is a generally obsessive mind. My dreams have soundtracks. I don’t know if everyone experiences this or not. My dreams always have music. They can be instrumental, but usually they aren’t. And sometimes, I am the one singing. Weird, huh? Singing the soundtrack in your own dream? How does this have anything to do with an obsessive mind? When I wake up in the morning, whatever song was featured in my last dream, the one playing when I woke up, is the one I will have stuck in my head all day. Not the whole song. Just the one line I was hearing at the time I awakened. I can’t get it out of my mind because my mind will play it over and over until I feel like I’m going insane. Although, maybe I’m already there, considering what I’m experiencing.

The song that gets stuck in my head doesn’t have to be one that I like. It doesn’t even have to be one I think I’ve ever heard before. And that, Friendly Reader, is even more maddening. How can a tune or a lyric drive you nuts, if you’ve never even heard it before, and you think your dreaming brain made it up? Well, it can drive you nuts by never letting go and playing it for you on a constant loop.

I was born during the 60’s. Quite a fertile era for musical creation; social upheaval and war provided plenty of fodder for artists worldwide. My parents were born after the end of world War II. They lived through the Doo Wop era, and helped usher in the 60’s and the free love generation. Well, hopefully not personally. Gross. I prefer to believe my parents are still virgins. Anyway, given those dates, perhaps you can explain to me how it is that I awoke this morning to the tune and the one phrase of, “It’s a long way to Tipperary.”

I was baffled when I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Where on earth would I have heard it? It’s a World War I song, I learned. I don’t even know where Tipperary is! Well, I do now. But I had to look it up today. It is both a town and a county in Ireland. And how did I know the tune? Am I a musical psychic genius? Because I could be. I have had some pretty impressive psychic incidents before. But, it turns out, probably not this time. I looked up the song to find out that it was featured in the movie Das Boot. I did see the German version of that movie when it first came out in the US. So, I must’ve retained that song in my subconscious for THIRTY-TWO YEARS, only to have it sneak out and attack me in my sleep! What the FRACK, Friendly? What in THE frack?

So, in the spirit of friendship, I now share this tune with you. German accent, and all. Enjoy. Hope you don’t have OCD.

This post was inspired by the Daily Post

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