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Posted: November 15, 2013 in Health, Humor, Migraine, Travel, Uncategorized
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The Daily Prompt today suggested that we write in the local accent of our geographic region. That’s kind of difficult for me. I’m originally from Nebraska. That’s the accent newscasters and actors from other regions are taught to use. No accent at all. One odd quirk of being from No Accentland, though, is that when I travel to a place with a different accent, I quickly pick it up without even realizing it.

Illinois was a great place to live. Everybody is familiar with the Elluhnoy accent, right? Da Bears? If you buy onea doze Japanese cahrs, it’s gunna be a Tie-Yoda.

While we lived there, my folks called once, and when I spoke a particular word, my mother proceeded to make fun of me, because I had taken on the Illinois accent without realizing it. How embarrassing. I worked at a place where I dealt with people from all over the world, and interpreting broken English with such heavy accents becomes something of an art. There are very few accents I can’t understand. I’ve become very adept at guessing countries of origin, as well. It’s like a game for me, when we are traveling. I still dislike foreign call centers, however.

When we lived in Indiana, I was shocked to find that there were so many southern accents so far north. Indiana was a huge culture shock for me. The first year we were there was the first year they did Daylight Savings time. Ever. You wouldn’t have believed the uproar. But I didn’t pick up the southern accent there, because all of my friends were regular Northerners. Ok, I do not want to hear from offended Southerners. I wasn’t avoiding Southerners, I just didn’t know any there, personally.

But, I once visited a friend in South Carolina. Whoa. Speaking of culture shock. For the record, Southerners, we Northerners do know that “Yankee” is a derogatory term when you use it. I visited for a week, and by the time I left, I was complaining about a “skeeter” bite. The moment it slipped out of my mouth, I was mortified. I do not speak that way. My friend, the southerner, laughed her head off at me. Har-dee-har-har. Glad I could make her day.

I’m back in the middle of the continent, so in a non-accent bearing state. Or, at least, the part of the state I’m in has no accent. I do look forward to moving on and exploring a new regional accent. But I somehow believe we will be going back to an old one. What a shame. I hadn’t yet lived in New England. I heah the fawl leaves ah wicked good.

This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt


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