Bad Hair and Giving Thanks

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sing with me! “Tis the season to eat turkey!
Fa la la la la, la la la la!”

Mr ReloVertigo and I are hitting the road to Huskerland for Thanksgiving Thursday and then the Nebraska-Iowa college football game Friday. Go Big Red! Huskers rule, Hawkeyes drool! Ahem.

I spent all day caring for Baby ReloVertigo, and had no need to go out in the cold. I finally left the house tonight when we fueled up for the drive. Approaching the convenience store to buy snacks for the trip, the thought popped into my head, “Did I even comb my hair today? Ever?” I had no idea. Mental images of me on some People at Convenience Stores web site danced through my head. I’d be sandwiched between the guy with the homemade tattoo spelled “Strenght,” and the woman wearing Spongebob leggings stretched far past any maximum Lycra stretch tests.

I ran my fingers through my hair and went inside, taking care not to look anyone in the eye. If there were any looks of derision aimed my way, I wasn’t acknowledging them. I was so quick to grab my snacks and head for the counter with my eyes downcast, they probably were eyeballing me, but not for my bad hair. They probably thought I looked sneaky, and about to rob them. Great. I live in this neighborhood. Now I’m going to have to avoid this gas station for the duration of my stay in this state.

We finally managed to get on the highway. I’ve seen plenty of patrol cars pulled over with some poor souls being ticketed. Now, if The Mr can just drive within legal limits, we’ll be ok. Fewer things ruin a road trip quite like gettin’ checked by the PoPo right off the bat.

And if I may, a little seriousness:
This Thanksgiving, as my extended family gathers, though we will be missing a few, and there have been deep heartaches this year, there will be reasons to be thankful. My niece, AKA Beautiful Girl, lost her battle with cancer this summer, and I shall miss her all the days of my life. But, I’m truly thankful she had an immense faith in and love of God. My youngest brother entered the doctoral program at the University of Chicago. Junior is starting his family’s new life in earnest. Daughter got engaged to a wonderful person. Baby learned to walk, and is starting to talk. None of our family’s members of the military were deployed. And countless other reasons.

May this post find you, Friendly Reader, happy and well. For what are you thankful today? I sincerely would like to hear about you.

  1. ladymigraine says:

    It has been a very bad few weeks and I’ve been silent on my blog, but I’m grateful today that my partner and I are no longer working jobs we hate / are bad for us and that somehow we’re still getting the bills paid. Hope your headaches behave over the holiday.

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