…And These, Thy Gifts

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Family, Health, Marriage, Migraine, Uncategorized
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At the close of a very long day filled with family, food, and football, I take a moment to reflect on one of the most important aspects of this day for me. Since The Husband and I were first married, our two families have celebrated Thanksgiving together. I don’t know many others whose families mesh so well, or who even want to join in this way. It’s vital to me, though.

I am grateful for in-laws who, from the beginning, cared enough to invite my family to eat as one big family. And when I was moved to tears today, as I thanked The Mr’s aunt for always having been so welcoming to my family, she hugged me tight and said, “Well, of course we would! They’re our family, too.” That’s the way my family sees it as well, and my side takes turns hosting the event. Still, I recognize that it’s not this way for every married couple.

Our families are just as different as can be. My parents and siblings are reserved and laid back. The Husband’s side is vocal and animated. In the early days, that took some adjustment for me, but now I can’t imagine not having the two crowds piling together, hearing each side voice excitement at the prospect of eating the other side’s traditional dishes again.

So many blessings in my life for which to be thankful, but foremost of these is that when we married, we created this union of our families that continues to grow. If I think on it for too long, I get a bit emotional, and feel like Dickens’ Tiny Tim. “God Bless us, everyone!”

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