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Posted: December 4, 2013 in Family, Health, Migraine, Sports, Travel, Uncategorized
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I think we’ve all probably had the “best superpower” argument. Not the one about nations. The one about flying or super strength. The Daily Prompt asks us today about the ability to appear or disappear at will. I think I would like that power, but only if I could reappear where I choose. And, I discovered this weekend, that would necessitate the ability to home in on a location where I might desperately be needed.

Sunday, Mr ReloVertigo and I went to the Kansas City Chiefs football game against the Denver Broncos. We had a wonderful time, even though my migrainey head didn’t cooperate. How could it? Arrowhead Stadium is the loudest in the world. The fans were on their loudest behavior, and my ears actually felt pain. My head was awful that night, and all Monday. But that’s not the issue.

After we left one stadium parking lot, we learned there had been a death in another of the parking lots during the game. I was deeply troubled that while we and thousands of others were in the stadium screaming for our teams, a life was being lost. If ever there were a case for disappearing and reappearing elsewhere, that would have been it. Not that I could have stopped a fight between grown men. I’m short, and not a ninja. But, if I could’ve arrived on the spot before the deceased decided to get into a car that wasn’t his own, I might have dissuaded or distracted him. Would he have gotten into another car later? Possibly. But maybe he’d still be alive. Otherwise, what good are superpowers?

This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt

  1. afsheenanjum says:

    terrible….. we never know when death angel will take us appears only in front of us and we disappear forever,

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