Imagine for a moment that I had fifteen minutes to address the world. I would have to wonder who on earth would ask me to speak, and why. What could I possibly offer the entire population of this planet?

I would immediately consider turning the opportunity down.

Everyone I knew who somehow had discovered I had this chance at global communication would surely pressure me to address their own personal agenda. Poverty, Genetically Engineered food, climate change, human trafficking, and nuclear nonproliferation alone would be strongly “suggested”. And that’s not even considering world wildlife conservation and environmental conservation. On top of that, add religious and educational issues, and I could either be standing there slack jawed, unable to say anything to anyone, or so disgusted with everyone hijacking my fifteen minutes, that I’d throw their talking points in the air and go hole up where nobody would ever find me.

No, I think I’ll just leave all that talking to the talking heads. I’ll continue writing my little blog, and if someone reads it, great. If they don’t, that’s ok, too. My relatives don’t even know I’m writing this blog. So looks like nobody will be pushing for input here, anytime soon.


This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt


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