Christmas Present(s)

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Family, Health, Humor, Migraine, Uncategorized
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I had decided that this year was time to cut back on the materialism, the spending, the jockeying for position in line at the cashier, the frustration at the perfect gift being sold out. I informed Mr ReloVertigo that We Are Not Buying Presents For Adults This Year. You’d have thought I’d suggested we stroll up and down our street in high top sneakers and our birthday suits. He looked at me with this incredulous expression of, “Do I even know you anymore?”

Ok, that idea shot down, I decided I would figure out something less extravagant than we usually do. I was helping Junior ReloVertigo’s fiancée to meet a sales goal at Paul Mitchell The School, in order to win an educational trip to Las Vegas. She worked so hard at it, and I ended up purchasing six units at the deadline, to help punch her ticket. The units were hair care products. My intention was to give these as gifts to the adults in my family.

But then, today I saw a blog I hadn’t seen before. It was about the homeless. These are people I’ve worried about for a long, long time. I’ve prayed for, for a long time. But, like most Americans, I’d done absolutely nothing tangible to help. Well, there was that Comic Relief donation back in the 1990’s. But after that? Nada.

I decided instead of giving all of that shampoo, conditioner, and other sundry hair care to my relatives who have plenty, I would give it to the women’s shelter here in town. The woman on the phone was so grateful for the chance at some shampoo, I couldn’t believe it. I felt pretty badly that I hadn’t done this sooner. I ask myself now: why haven’t I don’t this sooner?

Daddy ReloVertigo is driving down from Nebraska to deliver gifts Wednesday. Usually, I have a pile to give to him, in turn. I am a little nervous about thanking him for the gifts he is bringing, and then telling him I gave his away. He would be happy I gave his to the less fortunate. Daddy was raised dirt poor. He worked in the fields as a migrant worker from the time he was old enough to hold a burlap bag. He is more than happy to give to the have-nots. I just feel weird about taking.

Perhaps I will tell him what I am doing, and offer to give my gifts from Mother and him to the shelter, also. Actually, that sounds like a brilliant idea!

I tell you none of this to make me sound like a saint. You don’t even know who I am, and I’m quite aware of the tarnish on my own soul. It’s just that this world, especially America, needs far less taking and a lot more giving. And I thought that, maybe, if I shared my small idea, you’d get one, too. If each of us has one small idea and follows through before Christmas, that adds up to a whole lot of giving. And we are far closer to what God had in mind in the first place. Loving one another.


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