Long Time No Read

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Family, Health, Humor, Marriage, Migraine, Pets, Photography, Uncategorized
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It’s been awhile, and for that I apologize. Between illness, the holidays, and chronic pain, mixed in with some family stress, I was unable to write. I am able to come back now, however, and share some good news.

Mr ReloVertigo, you may recall, had been offered a wonderful job in another state some time ago. I had told you he’d accepted. Then I corrected myself, in great embarrassment. I can now tell you with confidence that The Mr has indeed accepted the job, because Monday he submitted his resignation. He starts his new job on this Monday.

The job is with his previous employer, with which we are both happy, and the location is in Illinois. We will be near Daughter ReloVertigo and her beautiful and brilliant family. Unfortunately, that also means we will be leaving Junior ReloVertigo and his little family behind. The Husband keeps telling me that they will be fine, but a mother’s job is never done, and I will probably worry for him until I’m in the afterlife. And then, I’ll probably haunt my children. I’ve already threatened that.

On the lighter side, I almost killed my cat yesterday. He is a shiny black beauty that is like my little panther, and almost as scary. I often call him The Destroyer. I was walking along, minding my own business, and he must have been so excited to follow my every step, because he actually ran under my step. By that, I mean he ran under my foot as I was stepping down.

Did you, or did your kids, ever have one of those small, soft rubber tubes that looked a little like a sea cucumber, and were filled with liquid? When you held one, it would roll out of your hand. Either you will get that, or you won’t. It is difficult for me to verbalize. The effect of the dreaded brain fog. Well, when I unexpectedly stepped on The Destroyer, it felt exactly like that, only fatter. Ok, so not exactly.

So, as I was cat surfing, I went down into the Herkie on the floor, which was great for my flexibility. On the way down, though, I tried to grab the arm of the couch, to avoid the catastrophe (no pun intended), but instead I ended up somehow feeling like I overextended it. It is now very painful to lift my arm.

Oh, “How’s the cat,” you ask? He was fine. He avoided me the rest of the day like the human force of terror that I was, but other than that, nothing. He’s happily back to destroying.

Portrait of The Destroyer

Image by ReloVertigo 2014


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