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Posted: January 7, 2014 in Family, Health, Marriage, Migraine, Pets, Uncategorized
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In part because of my chronic migraine, I don’t work outside the home. Daughter ReloVertigo likes to follow that up with, “How about, you just don’t work, period?” Ok, I don’t. Now that Junior ReloVertigo and his family don’t live here anymore, it is very easy to keep the place clean. Laundry isn’t tough, either.

And now, The Husband is on the new job. While I appreciate even less to do around the house, I feel very strange being all alone. I still have my feline companions, of course, but they aren’t much for conversation, beyond, “Feed me,” and, “Let me out.”

I have never lived alone. I went from living with my parents to a roommate in college, living with my parents again, living with Baby Daughter, and then with The Mr. My life has always been filled with family and friends. I’ve always appreciated a little alone time, but I’ve never lived as a solitary person. I don’t think I like it so much.

Since I no longer sit for Baby ReloVertigo, I can take off whenever I want and visit The Husband. But it’s a few hundred miles away. The blinding brightness of snow combined with the discomfort of a long drive are the perfect recipe for massive migraine pain.

The Mr will return for a visit in two weeks. If I can tough it out that long, I will see him then. We shall both see, Friendly Reader, how strong and independent I can be.

Please, share with me a time when you had to learn to be strong and independent!

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