What a Pain

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Family, Health, Marriage, Migraine, Uncategorized
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I’ve been in high pain since Tuesday. I was supposed to go visit Mr ReloVertigo that day, but there was no way that was happening. A drive that long in bright sun with snow all around is some kind of nightmare I can’t even imagine trying to live out. I’ve taken to calling snow “White Death”. Looking out the door just to call The Destroyer back inside certainly feels like death to my eyeballs.

As a chronic migraineur, I’m accustomed to being in pain all the time. I can regularly function at a level of pain most people probably only experience on very rare occasions. That doesn’t make me special, it’s just a matter of necessity. It’s either do what I have to do, or it doesn’t get done. What am I going to do, starve to death? Go naked? Let the filth pile up? No. I have to shop, do laundry, and clean, whether I like it or not. But believe me, only as absolutely necessary. Though, functioning at this high level of pain can only go on for so long before I’m exhausted by it.

Today, I feel crushed under the pain. Lying down doesn’t help. Sleeping doesn’t help. Nothing helps. What would help is medical intervention. The last, absolute last resort is the Emergency Room. It takes forever, and whatever treatment I receive doesn’t rid me of the pain, anyway. The last visit I had brought me from a ten (on a pain scale of one to ten) down to an eight. Eight I can live with, so I left. Many migraineurs have the fear of being labeled drug seekers. I know I do. So I left the ER before receiving adequate treatment. Better to sit with manageable pain than to ask for more pain meds, and have that on my chart. Of course, they gave me morphine, which I’d never had, and it scared the ever lovin’ crap out of me, because I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The nurse stayed with me and talked me through it. At least they could tell by that incident that I wasn’t a junkie. After recovering from that fear, I told the nurse I couldn’t imagine why anyone would become a junkie, if that’s what they go through. She said junkies don’t get that same scary reaction that I felt. Huh. Weird.

In any case, with The Mr in another state, I’m on my own. So, I ride it out. Such is my life. I may drive up to see him tomorrow, after all. At least lying in pain, knowing he is near will give me some small comfort. And if I get any worse, he would be there to take me to the hospital.

I hope this post finds you well, Friendly Reader. Until next time.

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