Yes! No! Yes!

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Family, Marriage, Migraine, Travel, Uncategorized
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Since we ReloVertigos left Illinois, we’ve been trying to get back. I hated Indiana with a passion so great, I don’t know that I could adequately convey it to you. I expressed the length of our residence there in terms of doing time. As in, prison. I certainly felt like an unwilling captive. I agreed to two years, and ended up doing five. See what I mean? Doing time. Three years ago, The Husband was offered a position at a different company that was coincidentally planning to build a new plant in the exact city in Illinois where we had lived. It was a scary move, but we couldn’t pass it up.

Originally, we were told it would take a couple months, and we’d be at the new location. That became a year. Then, two. Mr ReloVertigo had revised blueprints, had been working with contractors and architects, and everything was set. And then, it became three years.

That plant was never built. They finally announced that it never would be built. We had been so close to our goal, to have our hopes dashed.

We don’t regret the chance we took. We knew going in that there was a chance that the plant may never become a reality. The company was a new one, and we were thankful that it had simply stayed a float and even been profitable. In the end, the former employer where The Mr had spent so many years before taking that leap three years ago, offered The Mr a position at the old plant, back in Illinois. The very same plant he’d worked in before, in a higher position. We couldn’t be happier.

It’s been like an American football play, where the home team’s ball carrier is headed for the end zone. Everyone is cheering. But – oh no! He dropped the ball! The other team picked it up, and they’re running with it toward their own end zone! But – no! The ball is stripped, and the home team has the ball again! They are taking it! All! The! Way! AND THEY SCORE!!

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