No Good, Very Bad Head Day

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Family, Health, Migraine, Photography, Uncategorized
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I have three very unscientific classifications for my head, that I usually use for non-migraineurs who probably wouldn’t know what I meant, if I simply stated, “I’m at a nine today, and I want to die.” I’d have to explain the whole thing, and that would add to the pain, and they’d be stuck on the whole “I want to die” thing, and…it’s far simpler to use these broad terms.
• Kind of a Bad Head Day
• A Bad Head Day
• A Very Bad Head Day

Today is a Very Bad Head Day. When I woke up, I had what felt like a ribbon of excruciating pain from the back of my head to my right eye, plus an ice pick in my temple, and a vice on the right side of my head. Strange sensation, having a vice squeezing only one side of your head.

With all of the house hunting and other relocation-related events recently, I’d become isolated from family. Today, though, Mother and Daddy ReloVertigo, Junior, Fiancée, and Baby all came for a visit. Probably the worst time for a visit, but I’d missed everyone. So I didn’t tell them how I felt, and we went out for lunch. A noisy Applebee’s-style restaurant was probably not the best choice. But surrounded by the people I love, it was worth it.

Baby is a welcome distraction, to be sure. Waving at and greeting every woman who passed our table, eating lemon wedges without the slightest hint of a sour expression, and bopping in his seat to the music playing on the restaurant sound system. Who needs television or the Internet, when there is this tiny entertainment dynamo?

By the time everyone finally left for their respective homes, I had nearly forgotten about the pain in my head. It’s amazing how distraction can do that. It was when the door closed behind our visitors that my pain returned to the fore. That’s ok. It was worth it.

Baby ReloVertigo

Image by ReloVertigo 2014


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