Multiple Choice

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Migraine, Uncategorized, Writing
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The Daily Prompt today asks if we’d rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked into a strange building.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not do wilderness. It’s one of those “nice to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there” places. Roughing it for me was staying at a state park, in a cabin that was brick and concrete, with beds that looked like they belonged in jail cells. Actually, I’m almost positive the “mattresses” were the exact same things as what jails provide. Umm…because that’s what I’ve heard. Because certainly ReloVertigo Herself could not have seen the inside of a jail before. Right?

I figure at least in a building, I would have access to running water and sanitation. Yours Truly also does not do outhouses. Although, at a local street festival, I once visited the most complex outhouse ever. It looked like a trailer house, and had stalls inside just like a ladies room. It had toilets that appeared normal, except that there was no water in the bowl. And they flushed. No gross-out looking down a hole. TMI? Blame it on the Daily Prompt. These are my issues, Friendly Reader.

Perhaps in a building I would be able to scavenge a break room refrigerator. Or, a pantry, if it’s a house. If it’s a hotel or hospital, I could break into vending machines to obtain my sustenance. But, I could find myself in serious trouble if I found myself locked inside a smaller building, such as a tool shed. Assuming there was no way to break out, and it wasn’t too hot or cold outside, I’d only be able to survive for 3-5 days without water. I could go longer without food. But I still give myself a better chance locked in a place like that than a forest or an island, because a tool shed would imply a residential neighborhood. I could yell for help.

Of course, all of those building options assume I’ve had my phone taken away. Because, if I had my phone, unless I’ve been placed in an underground facility or some kind of detainment that would have equipment to suppress or block signals, I’d just call for someone to come get me.

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  2. My first thought was to pick an island or the forest. I figured there would be water there and ways to create shelter. I fear being trapped inside a structure…lol!

    • relovertigo says:

      You could be right. But I don’t know the first thing about creating a shelter. I am no kind of Boy Scout. And I can’t bear the thought of sun, bugs, animals, etc. My migrainey head would never take it.

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