Thumbs Up!

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Health, Humor, Migraine, Travel, Uncategorized
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It hurts to type. Before I got on the road today, I gassed up the car. I then pulled up to the convenience store to buy a soda. I am incapable of road tripping without a giant icy beverage at my side.

I exited the car, and approached the store. I stepped with my right foot onto the sidewalk bordering the QC Mart. And as I shifted my weight onto that foot, it was as if my entire right leg was operating on a completely separate course of action from the rest of me. While my body attempted to gradually follow my leading leg, that leading leg abruptly shot out even farther in front of me, with no sign of stopping. The sidewalk surface was like wet glass!

In an attempt to avoid doing the splits across the curb, which in a split-second seemed quite likely, I pulled my left leg quickly forward. Of course, as I was sliding with the other leg at the same time, this meant I was now rapidly about to form some kind of bizarre Ice Capades curtsy. But, lacking the type of grace and balance required of an Olympian, or even an average 6 year old, my upper body lurched forward.

So now my right leg sliding out in front, my left leg bending up under me, my torso heading down, face first, my right hand reached out to break my fall. You’d think my brain would have realized that if my foot couldn’t gain purchase, then probably neither would my hand properly plant. But, alas, that didn’t occur to me in time. And the force of all my weight landed on the flat surfaces of my four outstretched fingers, and my thumb. But my thumb, under that weight and on that ice, slid in a direction it’s not meant to go. I felt something tear in the heel of my hand, near the thumb. And then I felt and saw my thumb dislocate.

It’s an ugly sight, your own digit, pointing in the wrong direction. It freaked me out. As soon as I could get both knees back under me, I was able to lift my hand. Once I released the pressure that had popped my thumb out and sideways, it quickly returned to its normal position on its own.

My hand, my thumb, even my arm and wrist hurt. My hand is swollen. But I’m shocked I was able to get back in my car and drive with that hand. It is, after all, my shifting hand. I drive a 4-speed. I made it home safely. And I think I’ll rub some Tiger Balm on it. I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I really can’t be trusted on ice.

    • relovertigo says:

      Ha! You know it. It hurts today. It hurt to get my key out of the ignition, after a five hour drive. It’s the kind where you not only have to turn it backward, but push a button with your thumb at the same time, or else you can’t get the key out. -_- it was a two-handed job.

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