Are YOU Lookin’ At ME?

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Health, Humor, Migraine, Uncategorized
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When was the last time you thought to yourself that you really rocked? That the chick/dude/chickendude over there was totally checkin’ you out?

Years ago, I was out with two friends for a “girls’ night.” We went to a particular bar, where we knew we could dance, yet it wouldn’t be so packed we couldn’t hear ourselves talk. We had a great time. Loosened up by the frosty beverages, as the night wore on, our dance moves got cooler and our looks got hotter. True story, I swear.

Every now and then we would take a break from the spectacular dance show, to talk and drink at our table. Across the way, there was a table of guys. We’d noticed them earlier, but hadn’t really noticed them until one of us saw them all gawking at us. I thought that couldn’t be right, but every time one of us looked over, there they all were, staring right at us. Not even trying to be subtle. And talking about us. All three of us ladies began to laugh because it was so weird, but I noticed we also seemed to straighten up and try to appear even more attractive. I caught myself flipping my hair (WTH). One friend began smiling and laughing more, á la Marylin Monroe. The other seemed to have more cleavage showing than I had noticed before. I mean, way more.

We danced some more, conspicuously displaying our best moves. When we returned to the table, I noticed they were still staring! Then, one of my friends started giggling. Giggling turned to laughing. Soon she was grabbing her gut and gasping for air, as the other two of us gaped at her.

“What is so funny?” I asked.

“Turn around and look up,” she answered.

I turned all the way around in my seat and faced the wall that was directly behind me. I looked up…to see a flat screen television. Currently airing was a sports channel. All sports, all the time. Confused, I turned back around and looked at my second friend, the one not laughing. She looked confused, too. Then, as I was still trying to figure out the joke, I spaced out a bit, looking into the distance. The guys at the table across the way caught my eye. Still staring. No. Way.

And finally, all three of us got it. Those guys weren’t staring at hot chicks. They were staring at the tv right above our heads. The. Whole. Time.


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