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This is a love letter, of sorts. Before I lose all of the men who’re reading this, not to mention Dr Chiro himself, calm down. The only man getting any romanticizing from me is Mr ReloVertigo. Have no fear. I’ve not become a chiropractor stalker. (more…)

I don’t claim to know anything about the complexities of Global Positioning Systems. But, considering it was developed by the US Department of Defense, I would expect it to be capable of accuracy to within a hair on a gnat’s posterior. But, of course, what most of us commonly refer to as “my GPS,” isn’t actually THE Global Positioning System, but the navigational device, and the mapping software created to utilize it for navigation. Whether it’s a feature in the dash of your new vehicle, an app on your phone, or a stand-alone device made by a company like Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance, you are still at the mercy of the accuracy of the mapping software you are using. Because the GPS satellites don’t tell you where you are, at all. As explains, the satellites simply send out their location in space. It’s up to your navigation device to determine your location based on those reference points provided by the satellites. And I don’t know about you, but latitude and longitude readings would be perfectly meaningless to me. What do I care how many degrees I am north-south and east-west on Earth, if I have no idea how to get home from wherever I am? And that’s where the mapping software comes in.

Let me just say that, were the GPS lady from Mapquest in my passenger seat Thursday, I’d have had to pull over, and there’d have been some %#&@ kickin’ goin’ on. And, had the GPS lady from Apple’s Maps been in my backseat, after I was through with Lady #1, Lady #2 would have been like a naughty kid scramblin’ across the seat, try’n to avoid the smack down. Because it would…have…been…ON!


I’ve avoided chiropractors for more than a decade, out of fear. I keep hearing that they’re so great, and that a good one with mastery of his craft could potentially relieve me of the intense pain in which I live. I very nearly caved to the pressure to visit a back-cracker several years ago, when I lived in the area of a chiropractic college. Just when I was ready to make the call for an appointment, I read in the newspaper that a man in a town in the next state had been face-down on a chiropractor’s table when he felt, and heard, a painful crack in his neck. The poor soul had gone for pain relief, and ended up with a broken neck. Surely you can guess this shut down my willingness to try chiropractic – on any level whatsoever.

In the intervening years, though, my migraine disease has progressed to a level I could never have predicted. I had no idea back then that it was possible for people to experience migraine pain, like that old Cheech and Chong bit goes, “24 hours a day, no cover charge any time!” Of course, that’s a lot funnier if you read that in Cheech’s accent. But that is how my pain is. And meds haven’t worked. No meds. Preventatives, abortives, nothing. So, out of a desperation to help me in some way, my husband called one the other day and made an appointment for me in secret. Mr ReloVertigo is like that. He knows me better than I do, and gets that, if he wants me to do certain things, he will have to force me to do them in a way that makes me feel I have no other option. Now, this would seem to put The Husband in a bad light but I can assure you, Friendly Reader, that I have been known to be more than a little obstinate at times. The poor Mr has become a trickster extraordinaire by necessity. (more…)