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Having grown up in the era of his wrongful imprisonment of 27 years, I have viewed him in these latter years of his life as a sort of grandpa to the world. And though I knew this day was coming, it didn’t make the shock any less. God bless his soul.

¡Viva Mandela!

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Best known for his work in ending Apartheid in South Africa in the 1990s, Mandela continued to fight for human rights after finishing his time as South African president in 1944, a position he was elected to following his release from prison at the end of apartheid, founding the Nelson Mandela foundation to combat HIV and AIDS in Africa, as well as working closely with international organizations such as the UN and NATO to improve conditions worldwide.

Mandela passed away at his home in South Africa earlier today (December 5). He was 95. For more on Mandela’s life and death, check out this article from NBC. The Guardian also posted a great article listing his 5 top contributions to humanity.


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