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Sometimes, I get the feeling Mr ReloVertigo would prefer to be doing something exciting like gutting fish, rather than listening to my stories. Just this morning I was attempting to relate to him a fascinating account of how current events intersected with my views on certain foreign social and criminal policies. I know, riveting, right? (more…)

Coffee Spill

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Thank you so much to the awesome barista at Starbucks tonight who filled my venti mocha super duper POOPER full, and didn’t put a green stick in the cap. I didn’t notice that, of course. Until, that is, I felt the unwelcome heat splashing all over my hand, arm, leg, and as I noticed, my phone. Much love to Mr. Relovertigo, who loves to drive my Zoom Zoom at death defying speeds around corners and over bumps. And, of course, I had no napkins.

The Husband’s advice? “Use your shirt!”

My extraordinarily mature response? “Shut up! Use your shirt!”

I should go back and use the BARISTA’S shirt.


Are you a believer in astrology? That’s the study of the planets and constellations, their positions in relation to one another, and how those all affect your life and personality because of when and where you were born. A lot of people seem to place quite an emphasis on their own daily horoscopes. Reading a daily horoscope in the paper, well…just read mine.


Cattle Transport

Image by Nemo 2012 via Pixabay

“Imagine, and I’m not kidding, this whole room full of guts.”
– Mr ReloVertigo, on a small problem at work today.

This post was inspired by the great blog Line Of The Week, which makes me laugh daily.

Southwest in the Sky

Image by ReloVertigo 2014

We are almost finished with the paperwork side of the purchase end of our relocation. We have only to wait for the closing, now, which will happen in February. But I’m already looking forward to our long-term future. What will we be doing months from now? I know what I’d like to be doing. Vacation. It’s unlikely that Mr ReloVertigo will be able to take time off with me so soon. Daughter may simply have to substitute as Leisure Companion. By July, it will be sweltering along the Mississippi River. It may be a good time for a flight to a certain haunted hotel in the Rocky Mountains. Hmmm…

Since we ReloVertigos left Illinois, we’ve been trying to get back. I hated Indiana with a passion so great, I don’t know that I could adequately convey it to you. I expressed the length of our residence there in terms of doing time. As in, prison. I certainly felt like an unwilling captive. I agreed to two years, and ended up doing five. See what I mean? Doing time. Three years ago, The Husband was offered a position at a different company that was coincidentally planning to build a new plant in the exact city in Illinois where we had lived. It was a scary move, but we couldn’t pass it up.


It was a very tiring drive, but I managed it. My shoulder is still quite painful, but it was worth it. I’m finally here with The Husband for the first time in a week. I feel like there should be hundreds of animated heart bubbles all over this post. They appear near the middle, radiate outward, and pop at the edges. And in the middle would be a cartoon rendition of the Lovers ReloVertigo, mid-smooch.

Quite saccharine, I know. That is what happens when true loves are separated for too long. Ok. Now I’m making myself gag. But seriously, when you’ve been together as long as we have, it’s hard to be apart. Almost painful, even knowing that the payoff in the end will be what we’ve been working toward for years, it’s hard to feel the separation is worth it. That’s why these little reunions are so important. Next weekend, The Mr comes to visit me.

Peaches and Herb, anyone?


What a Pain

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I’ve been in high pain since Tuesday. I was supposed to go visit Mr ReloVertigo that day, but there was no way that was happening. A drive that long in bright sun with snow all around is some kind of nightmare I can’t even imagine trying to live out. I’ve taken to calling snow “White Death”. Looking out the door just to call The Destroyer back inside certainly feels like death to my eyeballs. (more…)

The average woman probably dreams of shopping for a new house, finding just the one with all of the amenities that fit that family’s needs and wants. The average husband probably dreams of more garage space. Lots more garage space. With maybe a urinal and a rollout bed. (more…)

In part because of my chronic migraine, I don’t work outside the home. Daughter ReloVertigo likes to follow that up with, “How about, you just don’t work, period?” Ok, I don’t. Now that Junior ReloVertigo and his family don’t live here anymore, it is very easy to keep the place clean. Laundry isn’t tough, either.