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I keep my house cool because heat aggravates my migraine pain. But when it’s so cool in my house that my fingers are frozen, and I’m beginning to worry that my cats need sweaters, it might be time to turn up the heat.


Something I shouldn’t have to say to another human:
“Stop! The cat doesn’t like you to lick her!”

Of course, what else am I going to say, when I look up and see Baby ReloVertigo grasping the cat, mouth wide open, tongue hanging out in anticipation of running it across Smelly Cat’s (our female cat) bunny-soft fur? She never scratches or bites him, but she tries like heck to run. Which is difficult, when someone has part of her tail in one hand, and the end of her tail in his mouth.

Something else I shouldn’t have to say to another human:
“No! That food is for the cats! Spit that out!”

But have I any other choice? I can’t exactly tell Junior and Fiancée that I’ve placed their progeny on the BLUE Wilderness high protein, grain-free, chicken-formula diet.

To avoid all this irritating lecturing, Baby has developed a new, hassle-free method of mischief making. He smiles big, raises his hand, waving at me, and forges ahead with the forbidden activity. Right in front of my face. My guess is that he thinks the smile is disarming, and the wave is a distraction. Once I’m disarmed and distracted, he is free to go about his business unhampered by nosy Nana.

Is it just me, or does this Baby have a career in politics ahead of him?

Remember my recent cat surfing surfing adventure? I guess I was less flexible and resilient than I thought. If you’ll recall, I attempted to brace myself with my right arm, on the arm of my couch, as I started to go down. But I hadn’t counted on the whole squishy-rolling effect of stepping on a cat. That, and my complete lack of balance (sorry, Mother ReloVertigo, that those ballet lessons didn’t pay off the way you’d hoped) caused me to go down and slide forward like I was at a skating rink for the very first time. Needless to say, my shoulder was hurt.


In part because of my chronic migraine, I don’t work outside the home. Daughter ReloVertigo likes to follow that up with, “How about, you just don’t work, period?” Ok, I don’t. Now that Junior ReloVertigo and his family don’t live here anymore, it is very easy to keep the place clean. Laundry isn’t tough, either.


It’s been awhile, and for that I apologize. Between illness, the holidays, and chronic pain, mixed in with some family stress, I was unable to write. I am able to come back now, however, and share some good news.


Dog People

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I’ve been looking for a new dog lately. It has to be just the right one, though. It has big shoes to fill. (more…)