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I’m having a bad head week. So, today I’ll keep it short. I’m lying in pain, in the dark, in bed right now. Appreciating the fact that I put fresh sheets on the bed.

Is there anything more comforting in your home than clean, fresh sheets?

What is a comforting smell to you?

**The following post is written with humorous reflection, about anger in a marriage. The events recalled did not occur in the presence of children, and at no time did either I or Mr ReloVertigo consider the other to be abusive, or consider ourselves to be abused. Domestic abuse is a very serious issue. If you are, or someone you know is being abused:
In the USA, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
In any other country, please go to this International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies


Sometimes I wonder if I’m in early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. I know that’s not funny to people who actually have been, or have loved ones afflicted with it. And I’m not making fun. I have become so dingy that I have worried a little bit if I might be getting senile. I comfort myself by telling myself that Mother ReloVertigo has always been at least as dingy as I am now, and she is still an industrial engineer. She’s a brilliant woman. Still a ding-dong. I remember Mr Relovertigo, once we’d been together awhile, watching my mom do something particularly batty, looking at her, then me, then saying, “Now I know where you get it.” That wasn’t the best way to the key to my heart. Of course, that was long before I realized that I had become my mother. (more…)

I’ve never to my knowledge been officially diagnosed, but I know I have OCD. I am a germophobe that drives my family nuts about coming near me with a runny nose or sore throat, touching my plate or glass, all kinds of other offensive germy actions. Daughter Relovertigo’s kids will say, “Can I have a drink of your soda? I’m not sick. I haven’t been sick. I don’t feel like I’m getting sick.” Poor things. Crazy Nana ReloVertigo. I also count things. I caught myself counting stairs as I ascended them the other day. And when I hit the landing and began the next set of stairs, I was disturbed because I didn’t know if I should keep counting or start counting again. i know, nuts. (more…)

The Daily Prompt suggested that we find an uninteresting news item, and figure out how it is somehow connected to our own lives. I’ve been sick since last night, so was unable to think for myself, and thought I would try this. But when I checked the news, I saw a news item that couldn’t exactly be called uninteresting. The headline read, “Second NM lawsuit filed over body cavity searches.” Huh. (more…)

As many times as we ReloVertigos have RELOcated, I thought I was a pro who was unshakable by now. It usually follows the same pattern. (more…)