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I’m late posting today. Heck, I’m late writing today. I may actually post this tomorrow, which would be the wee hours of Saturday, November 23rd. Sorry, Charlie, but I do what I can. And what I did tonight was see Junior ReloVertigo, Baby and Fiancée all together, with us at dinner. And then, I was so happy, I pulled out my laptop and started writing again.

Uh…confession: I was a little over ten thousand words into my NaNoWriMo project, when I got sick. I was ill, and not in the “You be illin” way. Not the migraine kind of sick, the acky-pookie kind. For non-Americans and those without children, that means illness that would cause things to purge from various bodily orifices. Sorry you asked? See why I prefer “acky-pookie”? Oh, you didn’t ask? Sorry. You may have needed to know.

Anyway, I didn’t write while I was so ill. Then, when I was better, I couldn’t make myself pick up the laptop. I would look at it, and feel nauseated just looking at it. I would recall where I’d left off in my story, and try to imagine where I would pick up, what would happen next, and my mind would just freeze. It’s pretty hard to make a woman’s mind go completely blank. We always have multiple things in there at once. But this really did make me say to myself, “Nope. Got nothin’.” That was scary. Those of you who’ve been with me long enough will recall that I said at the beginning of NaNoWriMo that I really wanted to finish. I want to be a winner (I’m already a winner, but I mean as they deem it) by writing fifty thousand words. Since I’d stopped at just over ten thousand, you can imagine how I started to feel as the days wore on, and I still hadn’t picked up that laptop.

Mr ReloVertigo would ask me every day how the writing was going. He was excited, and felt like he had become part of the process. He’d already contributed a plot twist, and really wanted to see this work come to its fruition. And every day, I’d be ashamed to say I hadn’t written. He’d be disappointed, I could tell. But he never, ever voiced it. He’d be so encouraging, so supportive. Of course, he didn’t know that the more supportive he became, the worse I felt.

But then, tonight happened. I don’t really know what occurred in my psyche, or my gut, heart, or wherever the courage to try again originates. But when we got home from our family meal, I walked in, took off my jacket, grabbed the MacBook, made coffee, and started typing. I only got in about 1,400 words tonight, but it’s a start. I tapped the keg, and the words are flowing again. I can feel that tomorrow, the story is going to grow and grow, and I really don’t even want to go to bed. Except Junior will be dropping Baby off for me to watch, somewhere between 6:00 and 6:30 AM. Holy cats, Batman! That’s early.

So, tonight I rest. And tomorrow I write again. Thanks for hanging with me, Friendly Reader. I like having you at my side. Like a trusty sidekick. Maybe I’ll find a way to fit you into my book. Hmm. How would I do that??

I missed my regular post yesterday. I slept most of the day, because I spent all of the previous night either at the ER, or in hysterics from uncontrollable itching. Itching doesn’t sound like much of an emergency, but combined with swelling, it can be pretty scary.


It’s Halloween night as I write this post, and at midnight, I begin my quest to complete the NaNoWriMo event. I call it a challenge, whether they do or not. I’m afraid. In real life (this blog is not real life to me, though all of my posts are nonfiction), I would say that nobody I know would call me fearful. But this is really scary. I am embarking on a journey I’ve always wanted to take, but have safely avoided for years. There have been so many easy excuses for not making a commitment like this. (more…)