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Coffee Spill

Image by OpenClips via Pixabay

Thank you so much to the awesome barista at Starbucks tonight who filled my venti mocha super duper POOPER full, and didn’t put a green stick in the cap. I didn’t notice that, of course. Until, that is, I felt the unwelcome heat splashing all over my hand, arm, leg, and as I noticed, my phone. Much love to Mr. Relovertigo, who loves to drive my Zoom Zoom at death defying speeds around corners and over bumps. And, of course, I had no napkins.

The Husband’s advice? “Use your shirt!”

My extraordinarily mature response? “Shut up! Use your shirt!”

I should go back and use the BARISTA’S shirt.

Coffee Beans

Image by Undulatus 2014, via Pixabay


I love coffee. I have one of those single-cup brewers that makes it convenient to have coffee whenever I like. Since I’ve been out of town the last few days house hunting, I’ve been drinking Starbucks. But I like my coffee from my brewer. When I returned today, I was so happy, and wanted a cup right away. Now that I see that in print, I realize that’s a bit like an addict’s excitement at an impending fix. (more…)

This is a love letter, of sorts. Before I lose all of the men who’re reading this, not to mention Dr Chiro himself, calm down. The only man getting any romanticizing from me is Mr ReloVertigo. Have no fear. I’ve not become a chiropractor stalker. (more…)