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Something I shouldn’t have to say to another human:
“Stop! The cat doesn’t like you to lick her!”

Of course, what else am I going to say, when I look up and see Baby ReloVertigo grasping the cat, mouth wide open, tongue hanging out in anticipation of running it across Smelly Cat’s (our female cat) bunny-soft fur? She never scratches or bites him, but she tries like heck to run. Which is difficult, when someone has part of her tail in one hand, and the end of her tail in his mouth.

Something else I shouldn’t have to say to another human:
“No! That food is for the cats! Spit that out!”

But have I any other choice? I can’t exactly tell Junior and Fiancée that I’ve placed their progeny on the BLUE Wilderness high protein, grain-free, chicken-formula diet.

To avoid all this irritating lecturing, Baby has developed a new, hassle-free method of mischief making. He smiles big, raises his hand, waving at me, and forges ahead with the forbidden activity. Right in front of my face. My guess is that he thinks the smile is disarming, and the wave is a distraction. Once I’m disarmed and distracted, he is free to go about his business unhampered by nosy Nana.

Is it just me, or does this Baby have a career in politics ahead of him?

JuxtapositionBaby ReloVertigo is juxtaposed with a life-sized Michael Jordan cardboard cutout. This former marketing piece has been used in my family since the 1990’s to mark off children’s growth. Particularly startling to me is the comparison between Baby’s head size and Jordan’s hand size, just above Baby’s head, holding a ball. The greatest basketball player of all time is enormous, close up. Measured against a tiny little boy, he becomes a giant not only in the sports world and in my heart.

Cattle Transport

Image by Nemo 2012 via Pixabay

“Imagine, and I’m not kidding, this whole room full of guts.”
– Mr ReloVertigo, on a small problem at work today.

This post was inspired by the great blog Line Of The Week, which makes me laugh daily.

Southwest in the Sky

Image by ReloVertigo 2014

We are almost finished with the paperwork side of the purchase end of our relocation. We have only to wait for the closing, now, which will happen in February. But I’m already looking forward to our long-term future. What will we be doing months from now? I know what I’d like to be doing. Vacation. It’s unlikely that Mr ReloVertigo will be able to take time off with me so soon. Daughter may simply have to substitute as Leisure Companion. By July, it will be sweltering along the Mississippi River. It may be a good time for a flight to a certain haunted hotel in the Rocky Mountains. Hmmm…

I have three very unscientific classifications for my head, that I usually use for non-migraineurs who probably wouldn’t know what I meant, if I simply stated, “I’m at a nine today, and I want to die.” I’d have to explain the whole thing, and that would add to the pain, and they’d be stuck on the whole “I want to die” thing, and…it’s far simpler to use these broad terms.
• Kind of a Bad Head Day
• A Bad Head Day
• A Very Bad Head Day


The average woman probably dreams of shopping for a new house, finding just the one with all of the amenities that fit that family’s needs and wants. The average husband probably dreams of more garage space. Lots more garage space. With maybe a urinal and a rollout bed. (more…)

It’s been awhile, and for that I apologize. Between illness, the holidays, and chronic pain, mixed in with some family stress, I was unable to write. I am able to come back now, however, and share some good news.


**The following post is written with humorous reflection, about anger in a marriage. The events recalled did not occur in the presence of children, and at no time did either I or Mr ReloVertigo consider the other to be abusive, or consider ourselves to be abused. Domestic abuse is a very serious issue. If you are, or someone you know is being abused:
In the USA, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
In any other country, please go to this International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies


When I was a little ReloVertigo, Daddy ReloVertigo called me Princess. In Spanish, princesa. And when he was feeling especially loving toward me, I was Pretty Precious Princess. If he was in an exceedingly happy mood, I became his Pretty Precious Pineapple Princess! I have to say, Friendly Reader, you are in the company of great royalty. You may curtsy or bow when the compulsion strikes. (more…)

Dog People

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I’ve been looking for a new dog lately. It has to be just the right one, though. It has big shoes to fill. (more…)