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Sometimes, I get the feeling Mr ReloVertigo would prefer to be doing something exciting like gutting fish, rather than listening to my stories. Just this morning I was attempting to relate to him a fascinating account of how current events intersected with my views on certain foreign social and criminal policies. I know, riveting, right? (more…)

We’ve established that I’m a Nebraska football fan. Their head coach, Bo Pelini, has been under pressure for the lack of conference championships, for not even being able to get through the season to win our division of the B1G, and for a lack of fundamental skills on the part of players. Poor coaching.

Mr ReloVertigo walked into the room yesterday and announced, “I heard they decided to fire Pelini, and the replacement is somebody you aren’t going to like.”


It seems everywhere I look today, men are being bashed by women. That’s not to say that a lot of those men haven’t earned the aggression and resentment thrown their way, because I’ve seen the evidence. They have. But I don’t hear enough love thrown toward men for the good they do for us. So, today I give a shout out to Mr. ReloVertigo for being a Righteous Dude. 

The Husband and I have almost nothing in common but our children. No lie. We don’t like the same music, movies, or hardly any of the same television shows. He has a mechanical mind, while mine is a bit more ethereal. He thinks I’m a ding-a-ling, while I believe he is too rigid. Stark contrasts work in our favor. Most of the time. (more…)

Originally, I was going to write from multiple perspectives, in line with the Weekly Writing Challenge. Until something happened today that reminded me that there’s more than one definition for the word “perspective”.